Dr Patrick Fan Hanxi


Mr. Fan Hanxi graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from Renmin University of China in July 1990 and subsequently completed a Postgraduate Advance Studies Course in National Economics at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences in May 2002.  He has also obtained doctorate in Finance at the Southwestern University of Finance and Economics, People’s Republic of China (PRC) in 2011.  In addition, Mr Fan has attended and completed training courses for senior executives of securities companies organized by the Securities Association of China and training courses for Independent Directors organized by the China Securities Regulatory Commission.

Prior to Nanyang Ventures, Mr Fan worked as the Director and Chief Executive Officer of CITIC Carbon Assets Management Co. Ltd.

He was also the Chairman of the Board of Directors and Investment Committee Member of F&H Fund Management Pte Ltd, a leading private equity firm headquartered in Singapore.

As the Founder of Yoyo (Beijing) Travel Services Co., Ltd, Mr Fan has created a platform integrating and developing cultural and economic bridge linking China and Singapore.  Yoyo has successfully brought many high-net worth individuals to Singapore under the medical tourism programs.

Mr Fan started his career in 1990 in the PRC government as a staff officer in the Department of Ideological and Political Education at the Ministry of Education.

From 1993 to 1995, Mr Fan served as the Secretary to the Minister at the Ministry of Coal Industry.

In 1995, he was appointed as the Deputy Chief Executive of the Wuxiang County Government, Shanxi Province, where his birth place is.

As the Founder of Nanyang Ventures Pte Ltd, Mr Fan Hanxi oversees all Nanyang Ventures activities in Asia Pacific.  That includes and not limit to bringing investors and recommending them to invest in Singapore.

Some of the awards and prizes that Mr Fan have received include the 8th May Fourth Youth Medal of Chongqing in 2004, and prizes in respect of his Paper on The Recognition of Information behind the Underwriting Events of Convertibles in the Chinese Market (which won the 7th Shenzhen Stock Exchange First Prize) and his Paper on The Research about the Joint-venture and Restructuring of Brokerage Firms.